Eisenberg Law Firm PLLC is an immigration law boutique specializing in visa solutions for founders and tech startups. \r\n\r\nForeign entrepreneurs often have a difficult time getting a work visa in the U.S. because our country does not offer a “startup visa” or any other option well-suited for startup founders.  This prevents many founders from legally working in the U.S., effectively managing their businesses, or obtaining funding.  Eisenberg Law Firm PLLC has the expertise to utilize existing work visas for the unique needs of tech startup founders in technology and other fields.\r\n\r\nWe also assist U.S.-based startups sponsoring work visas for foreign professionals. Our specialized expertise allows us to overcome the challenges faced by recently formed companies in the immigration process. \r\n\r\nWhether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to operate a business here, a U.S.-based company that would like to employ foreign talent, or a professional who wants to work in the United States, Eisenberg Law Firm can help you select the best immigration path and obtain the legal status you need.